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A frenetic dexterity game driven by an action-packed soundtrack.

Collect the most treasure, but avoid the traps, critters, and the fearsome warrior penguins!

Be brave, fast, focused, and precise as the soundtrack counts down while you attempt to complete all the action to get safely back to your boat.

  • Players: 2-5
  • Ages: 6+
  • Play Time: 15 min
  • Category: Family Game


  • 1 pirate pistol
  • 1 CD
  • 10 darts for the pistol
  • 1 Space Penguin target
  • 1 Bear target
  • 2 Suspension Bridge bases
  • 1 Pirate Ship base
  • 35 Life Point cards
  • 82 Adventure cards
  • 1 rulebook

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