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It’s late at night and you hear a rustling at the foot of your bed. As you peek out from your covers, you see that your room is filled with terrifying monsters! Luckily, you have discovered that each monster is afraid of a different toy. Using your toys and acute memory skills, you must banish these beasts to the closet!

Monster Chase is a cooperative memory game where players must unite their forces to find the toys that will frighten the monsters and lock them into the closet.

  • Players: 1-6
  • Ages: 3+
  • Play Time: 10 min
  • Category: Family Game


  • 20 Monster cards
  • 10 Toy tiles
  • 3 Monster marker tiles
  • 2 expert tiles
  • 1 Rulebook

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"I am a pediatric occupational therapist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I bought Monster Chase at the recommendation of the owner of Empire Board Game Library, a local game cafe in Albuquerque. After talking to him at an event about my experience with the game, he encouraged me to email you.

Monster Chase has been a great addition to our clinic's game closet. Play is the most important occupation for children! In using Monster Chase as a therapeutic activity, I can address many executive function skills such as working memory, emotional regulation (when disappointed by a loss or having to shuffle the toy tiles), impulse control (only revealing a toy tile when it's your turn), cooperation, among other skills, like being able to recall and repeat back the directions or the sequence of game play.

I often co-treat my clients with speech therapists and physical therapists. We can tailor Monster Chase to address many speech therapy and physical therapy goals, as well. For example, when working on breath support and voice control, we encourage the kids to yell a phrase as loudly as they can, when they reveal the correct toy and get to put the monster back in the closet. We also come up with other silly words and sounds to say when scaring the monsters back into the closet. It's very versatile and we can target whichever sounds that client needs. For physical therapy, we have adapted the game by putting the toy tiles on the ground, with the PT working on a child's squat and kneeling mechanics to get down safely and get back up to bring the correct toy tile back to the monsters and the closet.

Monster Chase is a fun game with beautiful artwork. It is easy to adapt to fit many therapeutic needs while keeping children engaged. I am happy to send this positive feedback and look forward to playing other IELLO Games with my clients."

- Andrea S., Albuquerque, New Mexico