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• Cute animal toys perfect for grabbing.

• Easy-to-learn rules based on observation and reflexes.

• Fun game for up to 10 players!


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King of Tokyo US Championship


Sign your store up for the King of Tokyo US Championship from May 1st to July 30th.

States with more than one qualifier will have state champinship.

The final will happen at Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN on Sunday August 18th at 11AM, Hall F.

The format of the tournament is single elimination.


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OFFICIAL Kingo of Tokyo Tournament Rules (BETA)


You can use the IELLO Player Card to keep track of the players scores.


Tournament organizers, please keep a record of the results and communciate them to us.




Qualifiers by state:

If there is only one tournament by state, the winner is state champion and is qualified for the National at Gen Con and will receive a free 4 day pass for the show offered by IELLO.

If there are more than one tournament in the state, there will be a state championship to be announced.


Arizona: June 22

California: June 1, 22

California: July 6, 20

Great Escape Games: Winner: Gordon Sutton.


Labyrinth Games and Puzzles. Winner: Shane Cagney. State Campion*

Georgia: June 8

Indiana: July 20

Kentucky: June 15, 22, July 6

Minnesota: June 1

Missouri: June 29

New York: June 9

North Carolina: July 27

Pennsylvania: July 6

Ohio: June 9, 29


Rainy Day games. Winner: Jonathan Nichol.

South Carolina:

Above Board Games: 16 players. Winner: Jed Cockerill. State Champion. *

Utah: June 8

Virginia: June 23

Wisconsin: July 13,14


* If no other tournament is organized before July 30th in the same state.



(this tournament are not part of the US championship)

British Columbia: June 8

Ontario: June 19


Friendly Local Game Store: fill the form below to let us know about your King of Tokyo tournament.

We will send you a pack of promo cards for each of your players and a Space Penguin for the winner.

If your tournament is run before July 30st 2013, it will qualify for the National Championship 2013.



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