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The Dwarf King


# of Players Ages Play Time
3-5 10+ 40 min
Designer Artist Category
Bruno Faidutti

Christophe Swal

Card Games
Board Game Geek page Video Rulebook
The Dwarf King The Dwarf King English
Studio SKU
IELLO 51033




The Dwarf King is based on Le Barbu, a French traditional card game, but is even more cranky. There are dozens of different goals, and a few special cards with zany effects. As a result, The Dwarf King is a trick-taking game in which every round adds a new twist, and even feels like a new and different game, or like the same game with a new twist.



- By Bruno Faidutti, designer of Citadels
- Easy to learn
- Every game is different, but always fun!
- 15,000+ sales in France on the first year
- Beautiful artwork by Swal



- 39 basic playing cards
- 14 special playing cards
- 20 goal tiles
- 1 rulebook


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